Sneakers are an essential piece to any wardrobe. Think about it: you need them when you go to concerts or theme parks, when you want to go shopping comfortably, to buy groceries, to go jogging, to go for a stroll in the park, and so on.

Jordans stand out compared to other brands for multiple reasons: due to their ''exclusive'' status (as older versions are more costly) and due to how it's manufactured (with top-notch materials, including full-grain calfskin and premium leather uppers).

With these excellent materials, consumers believe they'll be purchasing a product that has some durability. Plus, the shoes look and feel like high-quality ones. Ultimately, customers think that those are valid reasons to make a more expensive purchase.

If you're thinking of buying athletic shoes, Air Jordans might be ideal. Don't know which model is best for you? Don't worry; you're in the right place. Continue to read this guide and learn about different types of air jordans. 

Women's Air Jordans

We all know that there's no piece of clothing ''right'' for a certain gender. Any shoes can be worn, regardless of how you identify as.

However, some models are popular among specific audiences, and the ones on this list tend to be popular among women. So, if you're a male and you like them, you can wear them too or give them as a present to a special person. 

Rihanna, a fashion icon for many people, was seen wearing a pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Facetasm sneakers. The shoes have a white leather upper with overlays in blue and navy and a bright orange tab at the heel.

If you want something unique, this is perfect, as it has an unusual crinkled texture throughout the upper. Pair it with ripped jeans, a nice top, and a baggy jacket, and you're ready to go. 

If that's not for you, there are other types of Air Jordans. Like Hayley Bieber, consider wearing the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ''Lucky Green'' sneakers.

It features a bright green and white paneled leather upper, lace-up vamp detailing, and rubber soles. They're perfect for adding a pop of color to your dark outfits. 

Men's Air Jordans

Jordan 1 Chicago is one of the most popular and perhaps, one of the best Jordans. For sneaker lovers, it's every collector's dream.

The last one released (2015 model) has an iconic silhouette, very appealing for basketball fans.

It features a paneled leather upper and perforated detailing around the toe box (for added breathability). Surely, it has the flexible functionality needed for sporting performance. 

If that doesn't appeal to you and you prefer something more discreet but comfortable, the Jordan 6 Black Infrared can be a great option. Last released in 2019, the shoe has a translucent sole, a black upper, and a black midsole with red accents. 

New Air Jordans

If you want an exotic shoe that will catch people's eyes, then you have to give the Air Jordan XXXV DNA a go. It's one of the craziest-looking shoes you'll ever see. It wouldn't be surprising if Lady Gaga decided to wear it!

This performance shoe reminds the iconic Jordan 5, but with all the modern touches. It features sculpted support (providing side-to-side stability), a rubber outsole with a modified herringbone tread pattern that grips the court (offering more traction and control if you're sporty), and a thick, large-volume heel unit (providing impact cushioning). 

If you prefer something less strange-looking, the Air Jordan 1 University Blue might be what you're looking for. It has a white leather upper with light blue overlays and black covering the ankle collar, the Swooshes, and laces. Perfect to wear during daytime outings. 

All Air Jordans

If you're not searching for something specific, then here are some suggestions that are unlikely to go out of style. 

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Triple White is a must for inner-city rap fans' wardrobe. With a white-on-white colorway, these shoes might not be the best ones to wear on a farm or a gig, but they're still fashionable (the white sneakers trend is here to stay) and perfect to go to the mall. 

Another option is the Jordan 6 Retro DMP. With a black and metallic gold colorway, this model has a sleek style with a striking similarity to the original DMP pack.

This one might be a bit more specific, but it's still worth mentioning, considering all the Marvel fans out there. Have you ever wondered what Air Jordans Spider-Man would wear? A good guess has to be the Jordan 1 Retro High-Spider Man Origin Story. 

This 2018 model was designed with the beloved superhero in mind, and it's impossible not to remember him when looking at the shoes, especially with the gym-red and black-white-photo blue colorway.

The sneakers come with a white upper plus red accents, black Nike Swoosh, white midsole, and a translucent sole.

Enjoy the Different Types of Air Jordans!

Many people opt for Jordans because this footwear provides extra comfort and support, unlike other sneakers.

Those who regularly suffer from food pain (like heel spurs and plantar) may even find other shoes appealing, but they still opt for Jordans because they know it has extra cushioning and extra support for their condition. In their case, comfort matters the most. 

Sneakers should provide style and comfort. Now that you know the different types of air jordans and the one that suits you, you can go ahead and find them here.