John Mayer: Top 3 Favorite Sneakers

John Mayer is often spotted donning the latest kicks. A while back, he dipped into the NIKEiDcustomisation hub to create his own Air Maxes. So yeah, John Mayer is obsessed with sneakers.

In his appearance on the Complex’s “Hot ones” web series, Mayer revealed that his sneaker obsession started with the Jordans (Jays). He noted that the pair AJ5s was historic for him.

According to him, AJ5s ‘… was like a car. We’d wear it to school, and then I’d put it on the table and I’d take a bowl and I’d put water and dish soap in it, and I would take a toothbrush and I would just, [scrubbing motion]. I remember the sort of texture of that leather, these little tiny micro-dots. Just working on those micro-dots and trying to keep it clean, ‘cause that was like my car, I might as well have been washing a car.’

However, John’s taste has shifted to Air VaporMax, Prestos, and Nike’s Nike’s contemporary sock-like silhouettes. Here’s a rundown of his top 3 favorite sneakers.

Errolson Hugh’s ACRONYM x NikeLAB Air VaporMaxFlyknitMoc 2

Given John Mayer’s taste in hot and sleek sneakers, then Errolson Hugh’s ACRONYM x NikeLAB Air VaporMaxFlyknitMoc 2 is no surprise.

See, Errolson Hugh, the co-founder of ACRONYM took a different design process for his 4th shoe collaboration with Nike – to create the Air VaporMaxMoc 2.

According to Hugh, “There is absolutely nothing retro about Nike Air VaporMaxMoc 2. It’s so forward.” He adds that “The physical aspect of it, once the laces are removed and with the elastic tongue…there is not much that we felt we wanted to do functionally because it’s great.”

Hugh and his team pivoted from their usual approach and considered the footwear as more of a visual project.

The team contemplated graphics that would convey speed and aggression. Theirs was to experiment while factoring in the wearability of the shoe. It was a question of “how far can we go and still keep the shoe wearable?”

With time, Hugh arrived at a unique take on camouflage he had created off ACRONYM’s wordmark. He says, “The patterning is the A from Acronym. It’s the original shape, and then it just gets turned into a grid. Each of the intersecting lines of the A inside the square makes the surface, and we just delete and inverse the various surfaces that result from those intersections. It makes for a kind of progression that you get these surprising shapes out of.”

The team then brainstormed and experimented on how best to present the graphics. They discovered that printing the graphics on the finished knit upper was the ideal application. The reason was, the graphics deform as the Flyknits is stretched over the last and attached to the VaporMax outsole.

In the end, the team had a look that was arresting and covert — apropos of Errolson Hugh’s legacy of bold sneakers replete with unique, hidden details.

Besides being approved by John Mayer, the kick is considered iconic by top fashion stylist. So why not grab yourself a pair here at an affordable price.

Nike 10 Air Presto

Air Presto is characterized by a premier sneaker marketplace dealing with already sold out, unworn, in-demand rarities. And why not?

Each product is thoroughly inspected by key-player industry experts, which guarantees authenticity. It’s no wonder that in 2017, the Air Presto was one of the most unique silhouettes, probably the best in Virgil Abloh’s “The Ten” collaboration with Nike. 

A hot, sleek, and arguably the best sneaker in the marketplace —that sounds like John Mayer’s element, no?

Air Presto coincides with the look and appeal of other Abloh’s Nike sneakers but features an “inside out” appearance with an added heel strap, stitched on Swoosh, and signature red zip tie.

Note, Abloh revisited the Air Presto design model in 2018 with new white and black editions. Here, the Off-White x Nike Air Presto “2018 Black” maintained the deconstructed look of the original model but contained a darker palette due to a black sole and upper. The said look was contrasted by a white tongue tag and Swoosh.

The Air Presto series is projected to keep getting better in both performance and appeal. Adding that to their high demand, it’s no brainer that you should not hesitate to pick up a pair when you can. How else will you “steal” John Mayer’s style?


Now, this is to be expected. I mean who doesn’t love their creation?

As mentioned earlier, John Mayer had dipped into the NIKEiDcustomisation hub to create his own Air Maxes. And that own creation is none other than the NIKEID AIR MAX 90 ‘SPIRIT LEVEL’.

See, instead of teaming with Nike’s design team, as usual, Mayer hit up NIKEiD to produce his own shoe. He then purchased every single pair of NIKEID AIR MAX 90 ‘SPIRIT LEVEL’ available, with the plan of selling them o his fans, directly.

In an interview with GQ Mayer noted, “I’m just waiting for it to get discontinued on their site. And I’m gonna offer it as my own shoe through my Shopify page.”

NIKEID AIR MAX 90 ‘SPIRIT LEVEL’ are dressed in black, grey, and white color schemes with a speckled sole unit and Neon accents.

Note, these sneakers are often released in a limited edition and thus, you should stay up-to-date on his Instagram page (@johnmayer) to learn about release details.

John Mayer is Only One of the Top Celebs Obsessed with Sneakers

It’s no doubt that John Mayer is obsessed with sneakers. He has confessed this several times during interviews with various sneakers die-hards. And much as his taste in kicks has evolved, shifting from the jays to VaporMax and Presto – his love for sneakers is not going away anytime soon.

John Mayer is a real sneakerhead with a commendable taste – as depicted in the list above. To steal his style purchase one of his favorite sneakers. You can then pair it as he does or customize your look to your liking.

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