Styling Tips: How Does Nick Young Style His Revenge x Storm?

Ian Connor, who has been dubbed as ‘the King of Youth’, is the founder of Revenge x Storm. The brand has been favored by a lot of fashionistas and sneakerheads like the Kardashian family and Tyga. The pair has been enjoying a burst of feverish popularity in the streetwear world since then. 

Featuring a lightning bolt motif along the side, Revenge x Storm is guaranteed to make a statement. The brand channels a particularly old school vibe, which can let you easily kick up a storm. 

Get Nick Young’s Look with Revenge x Storm!

Revenge Storm is highly versatile and works with a host of casual outfits. The much-loved pair has won the hearts of many people, and even NBA player Nick Young aka Swaggy P is no exception. 

If you want to know how to team the perfect pair up with your daily outfit, you may take reference from Nick Young’s outfits. Other than the popular yeezy series, you can find Revenge x Storms in almost every street snap of him. 

He likes to wear ankle pants and statement socks with Revenge x Storm low-tops, so as to flatter his body figure and make his outfit stand out from the crowd. 

Wearing statement accessories like headband, fanny pack or leather belt, together with the bold Revenge x Storms (whether in b&w or other vibrant colors), can also level up your streetwear total look.

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bold white revenge x storm

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