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Female Focused Streetwear needed for the Market?

Store for female streetwear
Female street wear
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Generation For Female Focused Streetwear Market

Streetwear culture is on the rise worldwide, and with that is the question offer to male followers. As we know that Streetwear has largely been a trend driven by young men, sneaker culture as well as the music culture. However, it’s not just young men who follow this trend, it’s young women too. Female focused streetwear been acting as a key part of this uprising community.

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Photo by: Andrew Parks

At different streetwear fashion events within a year, such as the Innersect fest, the Ego Exbo etc. Men and women gather for the celebration of the high-end streetwear brands. Men and women alike pose for selfies around an Instagram friendly backdrop. Which raised the awareness of the importance of the female streetwear culture as well as brands. More female streetwear brands and drops been launched within the community.

Female streetwear kicks
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The General Impression of Streetwear

Streetwear is generally been seen as a trend driven by males with young age and people do believe the culture was built around sneakers, however this is not the case. A lot of people related that the streetwear cultures are mainly oriented with Nike and Adidas sneakers, ideas were boxed within certain areas and people are not able to think outside of the box with that impression implanted. Given the fact that, when it comes to streetwear, clothes and sneakers are mostly male focused, and there’s a concern whether there is enough female focused product in the market. However, is there a need for female focused streetwear? That would be a great direction for us to think of.

The Awareness been raised for the Female Market

Without any doubts, we still see the focus of the designs in streetwear nowadays have been typically male orientated, as female orientated designs have proven to be less successful, especially among different local brands. However, from what we can see that the big brands had begun to increase their female orientated designs, and switching their focus towards the potential female markets. Such as Converse who have recently launched specialist campaigns aimed at female consumers in China and the United States. Which provide all of us more options for female streetwear styling.

Female street wear
Credit: soletheory.com

Especially United States and China. These two countries showed a huge demand for the female streetwear products. Not like the United States, as one of the trend leader for the streetwear and it’s famous music culture. The need for female oriented designs been seen for a while. On the other hand, for China. The trend had been introduced to the market recently, and we predicted that the trend will keep growing continuously.

Nevertheless, now we foresee the demand of female streetwear products. The trend and culture had developed its own ecosystem and style. It is going to be a challenge for the brands to penetrate the market. With the time progress, the perfect needs for the market had been identified and grow rapidly.

I am sure all of us are looking forward to the new exciting trend for young ladies. Streetwear trend requires a nice kicks to complete your outfit. We do carry a variety of different brands for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to visit us for more details.

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