Our Complete Review of the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High

The Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High collection brings a clean and classic peak product to the  iconic shade. It features pebble leather Nike Swash and an engraved printed top logo accented with a premium leather top. This white version is one of three color options of design, including black and red.

The first unique thing I noticed was to start with the box – with its black Nike Air Force box with the top box logo on either side. That’s about it. When you open the box, you will see this paper with Nike and Supreme symbols.

Notable features

The classic style Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High Sneaker is gaining traction globally because it is built with timeless design, which embodies a rich tradition. Its appeal to a significant number of basketball legends, prominent celebrities, and musical icons has inspired communities and people of various races.

This style is deeply rooted in street clothing culture and gets improvements in terms of color and material combinations. It may have lost its functional appeal as a former basketball sneaker, but it still has enough mattresses.

Size and fit

These Nike casual sneakers are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Most of the Nike Air Force 1 high top sneakers feature the classic B-ball image, especially the original Gilcore model. Newer versions often offer a customized, comfortable, and adjustable lacing system for a snug fit, which may feel a bit tight at first because such sneakers are built from leather.

Nike Air Force 1 High Style

The majority of the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High retains the well-liked photo of the original version, which has been redefined with an array of updated details and colorways to maintain its iconic status among sneaker fans, enthusiasts, and collectors.

Inspired by this court, the most popular color schemes for the Nike Air Force 1 top are white, black, and wheat, red and blue. If you want your shoes to be the focal point of your casual outfit, try pairing them with skinny bottoms, tight pants, or leggings above the ankle shape.

Nike Air Force 1 High History

One of Nike’s most popular and best-selling shoes designed by Bruce Gilcore is the Air Force 1 or AF1. Even after OG dropped the high cut in 1982, its popularity continued beyond three decades. Developed in ton variants, this sneaker generates $ 800 million in annual revenue and approximately $ 28 billion in its 35th year. This shoe, named after the official flight of the President of the United States, is the best-selling sports shoe of all time.

The Nike Air Force I was initially designed as a top ball shoe that incorporated a proprietary air cushioning unit into its midsole. The AF1 was the first sports shoe to use this innovative technology of compressed air. This air-filled pocket provides the support and response needed while on the court.

Apart from the embedded cushioning system, another feature of the AF1 is the lacing ornament found near the forefoot. The original shade features an almost oval lace pendant engraved with the labels “AF-1” and “82”. This shoestring accessory piece was referred to as a small ornament until Nike shoe designer Damon Clegg called his Scottish accent “Dupree” in 1994. It was later called Dube by Brand.

Nike was successful in selling the Air Force 1 at the time, initially selling for $ 89, which developed a growing interest in the shoe using limited regional publications and increased its market share. From Beaverton headquarters, Nike carved out a spot for AF1 on the east coast.

The popularity of this shoe spread and created a cult of followers from hardwood to hip-hop communities. The AF1 was later endorsed by influential icons to elevate its position to a prominent position, making it one of the most desirable shoes on the market, especially between the ’80s and’ 90s.

Nike augmented this by producing AF1’s streamlined drops, which proved to be an effective marketing strategy that kept the model one of the classics needed to date.

In 2007, Nike released a special package of the AF1 to commemorate the model’s 25th anniversary, naming the Air Force 1 ’07 ‘. The unique tube or decorative piece of the model in this particular product line was redesigned in this particular product line, and it was given a highly refined, rectangular Air Force 1 shape.

The inscription retains the abstract of the Nike model while removing the year of the original release of the AF1.

This highly recognized shade has permeated sneaker culture for many years and continues to be a fashion staple to this day. As this is the most coveted blank canvas for Air Force 1 collaboration efforts and a self-promotional platform for the number of fans, additional restarts are expected to be released in the coming years.

Reasons to Buy

  • The Classic Nike Air Force 1 High offers good ankle support, as some reviewers have noted.
  • Many reviewers say that the outsole is robust and will last a long time.
  • This sneaker with an adjustable strap around the ankle and desirable length laces will provide a nice looking fit.
  • According to buyers, Top Air Force 1 does not require a long break.
  • Good to walk around cushioning.
  • This high-shoe will stay clean for a long time, others have mentioned.
  • Provides padding support and cushioning around the ankle.

Reasons Why You Might Think Twice Before Buying

  • Some reviewers are not happy with the ventilation holes above because these do not provide enough air to the foot.
  • A Nike fan inspired by Air Force 1 Low is dissatisfied with the weight on his feet in this version.

Final Thoughts

The return of the much-loved Nike Air Force 1 in the 1980s, worn in a variety of bold color palettes, attracts the attention of those who want a fantastic and new competition for their clothing. This version offers a mattress around the ankle and a secure fit.

This classic-style Air Force 1 High is no longer suited for extreme B-ball games, but it has risen to be a street-appropriate option just like other AF1 sneakers.The Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High is an accessory that merits attention anytime you want a sneaker for your sporting activities.

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